2045 Regional Growth

The CAMPO region includes over 2 million residents and counting. By the year 2045, our population, employment, and the number of daily miles traveled by Central Texans are expected to more than double. Considering the explosive growth in the CAMPO region, you might expect to see the number of lane miles in the regional road system increase similarly – but current plans for road improvements project that the number of lane miles will grow by just 28%.

That means already congested roads will become even busier and Central Texans can expect to spend more time in their cars every day – unless improved transit, bicycle, and pedestrian paths, and changes to commuting patterns are part of our future transportation. The answer to addressing future traffic congestion and maintaining a high quality of life doesn’t lie in just one solution, which is why CAMPO is creating a comprehensive, multimodal 2045 Plan. Below are two maps outlining employment and population growth by each county in the CAMPO region.

Population Growth


Employment Growth

(2015 - 2045)



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